Thursday, September 14, 2017

$$ Huge Earnings Increases Over Adsense Thanks to Ezoic

I have been using Ezoic for over a year now, and I have seen a huge increase in my earnings over standard Adsense.  In some cases, Ezoic has increased my Adsense earnings my over 100%.

This can be credited to a great extent to the fact that they use an expanded network of providers, so someone besides Adsense is competing for my traffic and ad space.  You will need to incorporate your Adsense account with your Ezoic account so that Adsense traffic can be served alongside the other ad networks provided by Ezoic.

Check out how much my earnings have improved over my old site (static, Adsense only) configuration:

Ezoic vs Adsense Ad Earnings

As you can see, revenue improvements over my previous, static Adsense layouts range from 20-133% !!  This month, I should earn somewhere around $30K.

I have a small percentage of my traffic going to my site's old configuration, so these percentages can be calculated month after month.

Having worked with Adsense for years, I can tell you that these numbers are legit.  I have tweaked my layouts hundreds of times to maximize my Adsense earnings, but I have never seen an improvement like this

Ezoic also uses a dynamic "machine learning" system that experiments with ad layouts on your site until an optimum format is found.  I prefer to preserve most of my site's layout, so I have limited their system to using only a limited number of ad spaces on the site.

This "learning" process takes between a couple of days and a couple of weeks.  After Ezoic's system tries different combinations of ad sizes, colors and positions, eventually it will settle on the layouts that bring you the best possible returns.

They offer a very slick extension for Google's Chrome browser that allows you to manage your website ad spaces, or placeholders, when you are logged into your Ezoic account.  When you are logged in, the available placeholders appear as big colorful blocks so it is obvious what sizes are places where.  Here is how the Chrome extension appears in your browser:

Ezoic is also a Google Certified Partner, which gives them additional privileges over standard ad publishers.  For example, they have been cleared by Google to post more ads per page than is usually allowed by Adsense publisher policies.

I'll keep posting updates on my experience with Ezoic, so stay tuned.  I have already been using their services for a year though, so needless to say I'm sold.

Try them out for yourself using this link below:

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic